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A full Attractive Lunar Eclipse “Blood Moon” 2022

A full Attractive Lunar Eclipse “Blood Moon” 2022

Blood Moon 2022

A lunar eclipse happens when the shadow of the Earth falls on the moon. We are trying to help people know when these events are happening to see them. An amazing thing will happen on  May 15, 2022. The moon will turn red and it will seem to be covered entirely by the Earth. Even though that was the goal, we didn’t make it in time for this project.
Despite the fact that there’s one more practically indistinguishable occasion on Nov. 16, another ‘blood moon’ overshadow after that won’t happen again until 2025, as per Time and Date. Moreover, as overcast cover can be unusual – especially in November – May’s ‘entirety’ isn’t something you need to miss since it’s additionally a super moon, Earth Sky announced.
Timings.11:29 p.m.-12:53 a.m. EDT on Sunday, May 15-Monday, 16, 202210:29-11:53 p.m. CDT on Sunday May 15, 20229:29-10:53 p.m. MDT on Sunday May 15, 20228:29-9:53 p.m. PDT on Sunday, May 15, 2022

How To Photograph it.

The Moon is tiny in the sky so don’t expect a masterpiece, but it is possible to get a souvenir shot of the ‘Blood Moon’ using a smartphone. If you have a ‘Moon mode’ on your smartphone then give that a try (it’s found on some Android devices). If not then put your smartphone on a tripod, lock your focus and exposure on the Moon by pressing it on the screen, and then take the photo. It will likely go into ‘night mode’ and take 10 seconds or longer to take the photo. If you want to play with the manual settings then experiment with longer exposures up to 30 seconds.

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