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incredible yatra

The Journey of the Incredible Yatra starts in the year 2022. When I Start Writing I had No idea, how this would evolve, but over the months my Passion dominated this Blog: Travel. I started travelling to Explore many new places.

I have Travelled to almost 5 Countries and more than 16 states. I love walking across the cities, along nature trails and along the rivers. Our mission is to provide you with better things related to new destinations.

I believe that Travel (and tourism) makes the world a happier place. Travellers are happy people, and it is nearly impossible to hate the people you have visited. Very few professions are blessed to be in a happy space, most are busy solving problems and handling disasters. Blessed to be in a space where you give people dreams of visiting distant lands as much as inspire them to look around and discover their own backyard.

All the content on this blog is copyrighted. If you want to use any pictures or text for any purpose, please get in touch with me at admin@harshrajput2464